Loaf & Ladle

The Best Soups in Town

29 Years of Homemade Sandwiches in Buffalo, MN

Find the heart of homemade in the relaxing atmosphere of The Loaf and Ladle in Buffalo, MN.

Our family built our restaurant with our own hands, and we continue the tradition today by making excellent food cooked from scratch. Treat your family and friends to quality soups and sandwiches at Wright County’s favorite hometown eatery. 

Freshly prepared bowl of meat chili

Great Food

We’re serving up something special every day of the week at The Loaf and Ladle. From daily soup specials to seasonal chili, there’s sure to be something on our menu to whet your appetite. Try one of our signature sandwiches and top off your meal with an award-winning dessert made in house just for you.

Homemade Meals

From hearty soups made fresh each day to sandwiches made with meats cut and prepped in house, the essence of The Loaf and Ladle is homemade. When you get a taste of our specialty food made from scratch, you’ll understand what quality food made from the ground up can do to upgrade a meal from “okay” to “award-winning.”

Special Discounts

Here at The Loaf and Ladle, we are committed to providing our customers with the best family restaurant experience in Buffalo. The strong bonds we’ve made with the community are what make us great, so we offer special discounts to all senior citizens and veterans that walk in our doors.

Get in Touch With Us

If you would like to know more about the fantastic homemade soups we’re cooking up at The Loaf and Ladle, call us today to get in touch with a staff member who would be happy to answer any questions you have. Pay us a visit to taste the difference a little extra love can make in your meal.

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